ISBN 9789898456106

Edition Uzina Books

Year 2011

Number of Pages 64

Dimension 16.5x20.5cm

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About the book

The architect Nuno Lacerda Lopes was invited to participate in the 1+1 Collection from the Uzina Books editor with two works from the CNLL, the Mouriz School House and the Valongo House.

The Collection 1+1 intends to disclose towards the general public, the current references of Portuguese architecture and other related areas such as design or illustration. In these small-format editions, where the layout intends to be direct in communication, we contemplate five distinct parts in the presentation of each work: text/author's intentions; Concept; Construction, Work and Technical Drawings of the project.

1+1 Collection already has names like Guedes+De Campos, Aires Mateus, Bak Gordon, Graça Dias+Egas Vieira, Jorge Mealha, Nuno Sampaio and Ricardo Vieira de Mello.


“(…)A rigorous metric was the base of the interior design, resulting in regular andorthogonal spaces where the unlevelled windows stand out, creating games of light,and invigorating the spaces. The classroom, this way, gains a new dimension, nolonger being an austere and inflexible space, and becoming a space of creativity and imagination, that is intended to be versatile and above all multipurpose. Themovement created by the roof extends to the interior, invading the spaces with itslanguage materialized through diferent levels and very diferent ceiling heights,always resulting in diversified and distinctive spaces. (…)”

Nuno Lacerda Lopes