Nuno Lacerda Lopes Architecture

ISBN 9789899748064

Edition Transnética

Year 2012

Print Run 1000

Number of Pages 284

Dimension 25x30cm

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About the book

Concepts like verticality, compression, vertigo, transfiguration, light, movement, body and its spatiality,… are themes that the sense of the “sensual” can systematise and that, in some way, may characterise the journey of investigation and creation of objects, spaces and events, which I have produced. Architecture is overwhelmingly the most meaningful one.



“Mouriz School

The school is based on an idea of landscape and, like a scenario, its design is planar. Its spatiality is developed inside a box clad in wood, which outlines and organises the horizon.

In essence, it seems to retrieve memories of the factory buildings that populate the area and above all the memory that we have of this municipality of Paredes.

With a stark and stern appearance, the building is marked by the sinuous roof whose movement, viewed from the side, creates the apparent illusion of a city skyline.

From the building, with its markedly longitudinal form, a response to the surroundings, two closed surfaces protrude, interspersed by the apparently unorganised repetition of the same window bay. Thus random bays dance throughout the lateral façades, creating a vibrant rhythm that contrasts with the open and ample glass tops. The movement created by the roof extends to the interior, contaminating the spaces with its materialised language through drops and differences in height, always resulting in diverse and distinct spaces.”