ISBN 978-972-99091-1-5

Edition Transnetica

Year 2010

Print Run 250

Number of Pages 239

Dimension 29.5x41.5cm

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About the book

A luxury publication that brings together the sketches of the architect Nuno Lacerda Lopes printed on high quality paper Tintoretto Neve 350grs (FINE PAPER). With a limited run and given its exclusivity, is a rare book of the “Engravings Collection”.

Small treatise on morphology

“The trees have always fascinated me,

from them I learnt much of what I understand of the reality I build.

Day by day, in this apparent fixation, unchanging,

a present which paradoxically is transformed.

Everything is the same and everything is different.

I ask myself if it is our eyes or if it is this ongoing transformation

to the reality of the illusions we design.

I have doubts... Drawings only depict the moments, it does seem

possible to fix the permanent and immutable evolution.

The record of it is always something else, so,

why do we not see that something else?

ROUGH DRAWINGS AND SKETCHES have been part of a life,

these are just some approximations...

Nuno Lacerda Lopes

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