Espinho’s Multimedia Centre

DL 152885/00

Edition C. M. Espinho

Year 2000

Print Run 1000

Number of Pages 110

Dimension 30x31cm

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About the book

A book designed to compile concept images, photographs, the project and the views of the stakeholders of the design and construction of the Espinho’s Multimedia Centre. This book was released at the time of the center’s opening.


”It's Espinho. Long live!

The Espinho’s Multimedia Centre stems from the desire to build a flagship project capable of translating a new and different way of pursuing an ideal of culture, open to the meeting and participation of the population in a broad perspective. A center devoted to receive and integrate the different artistic, scientific and communication expressions, that new technologies and existing communications capabilities enable us to relate and achieve. In this sense it seeks to be a fundamental point of crossing disciplinary that present days and youth claim.”

Nuno Lacerda Lopes