ISBN 9789729909177

Edition Transnetica

Year 2011

Print Run 100

Number of Pages 44

Dimension 29.5x41.5cm

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About the book

A luxury publication that brings together the sketches of the architect Nuno Lacerda Lopes printed on high quality paper Tintoretto Neve 350grs (FINE PAPER). With a limited run and given its exclusivity, is a rare book of the “Engravings Collection”.


“Avid breaths

A downcast head

A trace of suffering.

Despair over a low heat

An everlasting gaze, infinite fear, of a secret affliction.

An image suspended,

from the wall on a cross

Christ, always Christ

Inhabits a living body

Without colours and without shine

In a pain, submerged in sanctity,

Where desire hastens

In an eternal white scarf

On which our everlasting gaze falls.

Christ, my Christs.”

Nuno Lacerda Lopes