Nuno Lacerda Lopes

Furniture Design

DL 89407/95

Edition António Alegria - Artes

Year 1995

Print Run 750

Number of Pages 106

Dimension 10.5x22cm

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“Móveis e Imóveis” (Furniture and Houses)

Delfim Sardo

“So should pray the sign on the door. Lopes, Nuno Lacerda, n. 1960, also performing stage design works. For these three areas have been dividing his time - furniture, houses and scenarios.

Let us focus on furniture.

It should be solid, well built, it should assert their place. This concept is important, to assert their place. The Nuno Lacerda’s furniture are made to deserve their space. They are combinatorial - dressers that can be in the room, tables that can be banks. Its furniture. As a bed designed for Simão when he was born - a huge game, the place where the architect designs a small world.


His furniture is rigorous and concise, but with a certain northern luxury, sometimes due to the exuberance of the woods with unthinkable names - Takula, tali, undianuno.

Furniture, which means that we are far from the decoration. Furniture, which is the place where we move. Where we do what we do every day. You can’t ask for anything more from a furniture.”

Delfim Sardo, 1995