Nuno Lacerda Lopes Learning

ISBN 9789899748071

Edition Transnética

Year 2012

Print Run 250

Number of Pages 292

Dimension 25x30cm

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About the book

More than a collection of projects or built works, this book seeks to describe a complete vision on the way of thinking, designing and constructing an ideal school or learning space, which we have developed over nearly two decades through various projects on different scales and, above all, with different programmes and demands.

The selection criterion stems from a narrative more connected to the perception we once held of the school than to the formal, plastic or even typological and stylistic sense of the works presented here.





Habitation is a global phenomenon and thus something exterior or “urbanised”. This means its study implies successive interactions in the universal, public, private and intimate realms, which are fostered by habitation in an array of activities shared with other inhabitants. It has a sense of contamination and is detached from the idyllic habitation of a metaphysical and theoretical Being in the world, which is symbolised by Adam’s mythical hut in this lost but continuously rebuilt paradise.

We can therefore accept the idea that today we inhabit work places, public routes, schools, churches and football stadiums, parking lots and the endless “jams” on the motorway, theme parks and hotels, the Internet and the virtual house, the cinema and television. For this reason the thematic focus of this issue is transposed to daily life, to what is relational and novel as a factor for understanding or “constructing” the concept of inhabiting in the presence of man and without his “habitation”; in other words, without the modern archetypes of a house for all based on a techno-financial logic of construction entrepreneurs, in cities that reproduce an ideal of habitation for an increasingly distant ideal nuclear family.”