Nuno Lacerda Lopes Houses

ISBN 9789899748088

Edição Transnética

Ano 2015

Número de Páginas 252

Dimensão 25x30cm

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About the book

This book brings a collection of unique works of single-family housing designed by Nuno Lacerda Lopes. It proposes a reflection on the contemporary dwelling, the different needs and requirements that the issue of housing puts to the architect aware of the evolution, people, places, materials and conditions. It is through multiple dimensions and expressions that we can understand the intense process of relationship and emotion that exists when designing and building a house.


“Designing houses is a slow exercise, an adventure, an increasingly difficult and different process. Today, as in days gone by, it seems that there are not two people alike and, similarly, it seems that there are not two houses alike.

Diversity and differentiation seem to be factors for the design of a single-family dwelling, or not? Today more than ever, individualism, being unique and having a distinctive identity permeate society, almost characterizing it. Accordingly, it permeates architecture!

Building a home is emotional, a permanent questioning of countless ideas and definitions that sometimes we thought had been resolved and taken for granted. But a house – a house for a family, for a person, a land, a place... – makes us question everything.

Designing a home is an act of life, an experience, sometimes one of a kind.”