Nuno Lacerda Lopes | architectures

ISBN 9729909105

Edition Transnetica

Year 2004

Print Run 1500

Number of Pages 400

Dimension 20,5x20,5cm

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“CNLL - An acronym of architecture within.

It is an unusual structure. As a boat in the middle of an urban park. An enormous broadside behind which one imagines an equally magnificent timber which lies within a world of objects. From the front side, there is water from it emerged. It is a true that this construction can be interpreted as a boat whose origin is unknown to all, placed there for everyone to enter and visit. And people do so. Curiosity wins over the desire to simply look at this UFO-like object constructed of wood.

This is a vast area that houses innumerous ideas and fantasies, all of which are attached to the substructures through which people can walk. The first visit is delightful, just like one walking through a piece of scenery. That is it! The idea is that of a great stage that houses whatever people would like it to. It is high and open, just like a stage. There is an emptiness through which light seeps thereby filling the space with tranquility, loading it with a mysteriousness that only its usage can unveil. People whose shapes become distorted with the light, whether engrossed in thought or alert, occupy the places that someone has created for them while others simply walk in and out. Naturally. Like breathing. The “object” has a soul within and a sense of mystery without. It is dually suggestive for those who observe or use it. It successfully fulfills the purpose for which Espinho’s Multimedia Center was made.”

Prof. Arch. Manuel Correia Fernandes