Towards the Profession

ISBN 9789724818818

Edition Lello Editores

Year 2010

Print Run 1000

Number of Pages 194

Dimension 16x22cm

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About the book

“TOWARDS THE PROFESSION" was written not only for those who finished thir degree but also for those looking to start a professional practice at their own risk.

This book seeks to bring forward some of the key aspects that the creative professional needs in addition to technical skills, so that these bright and creative minds are not systematically wandering in a sea of difficulties and barriers; How many times due to precarious evaluations and above all, a lack of planning and commitment to a fundamental aspect as to know how to sell, seek to sell, and especially get to sell their services, their skills ... their professional skills.

The book's structure is based on two parts, one that relates to the activity’s understanding after university, and another one that explores the entrepreneur activity and characterization in the areas from creative industries, architecture, design, engineering, photography to communication.

It is organized into twelve points considered essential for understanding the phenomena and processes of transformation that can lead anyone to continue to invest in itself, sometimes by creating a new company, other by searching for a wage labor, but communicating and valuing its full potential and showing their true personal and professional capacities. This is, in fact, our main purpose so that it is not necessary to shout: "HELP, I FINISHED MY DEGREE!"