ISBN 9789729909160

Edition Transnetica

Year 2011

Print Run 100

Number of Pages 44

Dimension 29.5x41.5cm

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About the book

A luxury publication that brings together the sketches of the architect Nuno Lacerda Lopes printed on high quality paper Tintoretto Neve 350grs (FINE PAPER). With a limited run and given its exclusivity, is a rare book of the “Engravings Collection”.


“Slowly I record some signs

I connect them with no order or precision

Loose lines, free thoughts

Looking for a place.

They are small points, some grooves, a light inspiration

The hint of a shadow, depth,


Some details on the paper.

My gaze is secret,

The thought is exhausted in the drawing that is done.

Across here I spread an ideal of freedom,

I correct proportions and undo symbols.

I construct images.

Under the thread of a pencil, freehand,

I propose certain tributes,

Perpetual loyalties.

With no frontiers or cultures, I decorate my heroes,

Companions in other wars, always waiting to be fought.

We repeat perfect gestures

When we celebrate those

Who teach us and move us.

And that is why sometimes, I visit you.

As a drawing

I want simply to, remember you!”

Nuno Lacerda Lopes