ISBN 9729867518

Edition Transnetica

Year 2002

Print Run 2000

Number of Pages 400

Dimension 13x13cm

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About the book

“The ZAP book reveals a glance at a working collection concerning moments and routes covered through the works we are engaged in. The result of a reflection, a glimpse without concern for the beginning or end…

It is not to do with an architecture book… without revealing concepts or conforming disciplines, neither does it concern the process and debates of the works, and that’s why is not about architecture. It has only to do with people and with ideas, that ones that share with us their lives.

Time is not linear procession, and it sticks to some points that in a sequence permits a possible and different reading, and these seam to go and return to our thought. This is not only a gathering of pictures that substitutes memories, because there exists many emotions, struggles, conquests and defeats; they cannot be printed or registered, yet they appear to us in our knowledge and collective learning.

That’s why this book as no beginning or end… it reveals an ideal of sharing and a desire to consolidate a way of see and understand.”

Nuno Lacerda Lopes