ISSN 2183-7473

Editor CNLL

Year 2016

Number of pages 140

Dimension 24,5x33cm

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About the magazine

BIM IS MORE is a periodical which aims to disseminate new ways designing and building the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries, through the use and integration of new digital information and communication technologies. It places a particular focus on methodological aspects of Innovation within this sector, which incorporates aspects of the art of design, construction and inhabiting spaces in the contemporary world.

The concept of creating a publication on this subject, innovative yet essential to the future of the sector, in which we can present results and case studies of new approaches to designing, building and inhabiting, is also an objective of the Centre for Innovation in Architecture and Modes of Inhabiting (CIAMH) Research Group based at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (FAUP), co-authors of this issue. Since its formation, this group has worked to study and disseminate information and knowledge about new design, project management and construction techniques in the field of architecture.

This magazine aims to maintain an open mind towards new, unexpected, areas of knowledge. While it does not focus on any one field in particular, architectural culture will always act as the foundation for deeper investigation. Accordingly, the publication will cover some of the most significant research studies and seek to develop new approaches to Architecture, Engineering and Construction, exploring new processes, new working methodologies and, consequently, new results, both in conceptual and practical terms.

Each issue will cover a different topic, and will contain a theoretical body featuring essays from guest authors, projects and built works, interviews and, sometimes, an in-depth case study of the topic in context within a given company or institution.