ISBN 978-989-98808-1-8

Edition CIAMH

Year 2015

Number of Pages 292

Dimension 17x24cm

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About the book

This work presents the work carried out by students enrolled in the Construction 2 Course that is part of Architecture Master Course of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Porto.

It presentes the work developed during the second exercise, with an exploratory and experimental nature. This book portrays, without any filters or selections, the working process and the results of all groups that were dedicated to this project.

The exercise fits in a broader program and is developed in conjunction with other courses that support it. It focuses on the acquisition of expertise in the building technologies field and, especially, in acquiring analytical, design and problem solving skills regarding materials´ properties and buildings´ physics aspects.

It is, however, a specific work focused on model production, at a convenient scale to better analyse, interpret and communicate a process or building system of an architecture work, chosen by students.

The “model” building process, the goals and results achieved, as well as the associated learning process, encourage experimentation, debate and execution and are developed in a specific time and way.

The aim is to retrieve old practices and update them – similar to the original way of designing and constructing architecture, (re)orienting them towards the construction sciences – inviting students to use their knowledge, creativity and problem solving abilities, making decisions and collaborating as a project group. In the end, replicating the true essence of architecture as a collective art headed for construction.